The Multiplatform PSP File Manager

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Help needed

QPSPManager is free, but it’s hard to code and hard to mantain (specially because I can’t spend full time on it)! So any kind of help would be appreciated. There are a variety of ways you can use to help me improve the program

  • Use it! Use the program. If you like it, recommend it to your friends. The only reward I get with this program is the use I will make of it, and to know that some other people enjoys it.
  • Give me feedback and report bugs, suggestions or whatever you think may be useful to make QPSPManager better. For this you can email me at the_bell@users.sourceforge.net, use the mailing list or post on the forums. I would like to hear from you, as this is the best way to improve the program, knowing what people expect from it.
  • Soon enough I’ll add translation support for QPSPManager 2.0, as the prior versions had. Once I do this I’ll let you know to help me translate the software into as much languages as possible.
  • I’m good (or at least I hope so) at programming, but not at designing graphics. You think you can provide me some new and better icons for the program? You think you can make a more good looking web for the project (and not this crappy template from iWeb)? You think you can design a nice banner and logo for the program? Do so! And share it with me, I’ll gladly add them to the project.
  • I’m not an expert in application deployment in Windows nor Mac OS. If you can help me delivering better installation packages (either by exe Windows files or by Mac OS Bundles and DMG files), please let me know. I would also appreciate if some people can generate precompiled packages for the Linux distribution out there (Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu, SuSE, Gentoo ebuilds and so...).
  • Testers for platforms other than x86 (and for x86 too). Testing is probably what I’ve done the littlest in this development. A lot of bugs will arise, and I would like you to report them, because if you don’t, they won’t be fixed. Of course if you can provide a fix yourself, the better. Also, this program was tested in a x86 machine using both Linux and Mac OS. People testing it for Windows and for Power PC Macs will we welcome too!
  • I do this on my free time because I like it. No one pays me for this. As with every open source project out there, donations are always welcome. You can use the donations button on the project Sourceforge place. All the donations done through Sourceforge are transferred to the KDE Project. If you would like to donate to myself directly, visit my Amazon wishlist if you want to send me some presents.
  • Power PC users to fix the problems regarding the endianness, what's causing the program not to run in big endian architectures.
You can contact me at the_bell@users.sourceforge.net.
(C) 2007 Bernat Ràfales Mulet